Research Review Committee.

The Research Centre at JSW Law is responsible for establishing and maintaining a forum to promote, support and host dynamic research in Bhutan. This process includes parameters to ensure that research is well prepared, methodologically rigorous, ethically sound, and manageable within the given time-frame.

Research opportunities unique to the Bhutanese landscape are plentiful, the Research Centre encourages students and faculty to pursue this unexplored diversity of ideas and practices. The goal and purpose of the Research Review Committee is to ensure that research projects which involve human subjects can proceed according to principles of “do no harm” and that they are in the best possible position to flourish once in action.

Role of the Research Review Committee (RRC)

The RRC is housed within the Research Centre at JSW Law and will serve as the JSW Law Internal Review Board (IRB). The RRC is comprised of one ex-officio member – the JSW Law Head of Research (Associate Dean of Research) and two additional appointed members whose primary role is to review JSW Law faculty and visitor research proposals, and to provide research guidance as necessary.

The goal of the RRC is to ensure research conducted by JSW Law affiliates is well-designed, thoughtful, ethically appropriate, and meets global best practices. The committee’s role is not censor potential research initiatives. Rather, the RRC provides supportive and appropriate guidance by way of a facilitative process.

For further enquiries or questions regarding Research Review Committee, please contact Ugyen Thinley at