The Research Centre at JSW School of Law establishes a forum for the promotion of independent research, critical academic dialogue, and provides support to scholars at various stages of their careers. The Research Centre is guided by an interdisciplinary platform devoted to the study of GNH, the Law, and Development and is a place for both theoretically oriented and practically relevant research. Most importantly, it brings together scholars, practitioners, JSW Law faculty and students to drive a dynamic discourse at the law school and beyond.

The Research Centre aims to serve as an anchor fostering a vibrant research culture amongst faculty and students at JSW Law. As a young institution, it is essential that the JSW Law faculty enhance their academic expertise via original research and pass along that passion to our students.

In service of that mission, the Research Centre has established protocols and guidelines for JSW Law affiliated researchers (faculty, students, fellows) as well as between JSW Law and external co-researchers or visiting scholars. Such collaborations allow JSW Law to host innovative thinkers and experts to work with faculty members, thus encouraging JSW Law faculty to advantageously place their publications and continuously strengthen their personal pedagogical and academic rigor.

Additionally, the Research Centre hosts programmes that serve as cornerstone events for students and faculty. The Visiting Scholar Lecture Series and the Faculty Research Forum provide students and faculty with engaging experiences while also establishing an active forum for academic discourse amongst members of the JSW Law community.