Bhutan Law Network (SSRN)

Bhutan Law Network at JSW Law (SSRN)

The Bhutan Law Network at JSW Law is a research paper series forum in the Social Science Research

Network’s (SSRN) Legal Scholarship Network. Through this forum, the RC aims to build a publicly accessible repository for a wide range of works oriented to Bhutan and the Law; including (if applicable) the many articles, dissertations, book chapters, and papers that individual members of Bhutan’s Justice Sector may have written over the years.

Who can submit a paper to the Bhutan Law Network?

All members of the JSW Law community (including students and visiting scholars), members of the broader Justice Sector, development sector professionals, researchers, etc. have the option to post works to this site. The submission process is quick and simple. The RC encourages the submission of papers to the Bhutan Law Network in order to ensure that we create a cohesive and comprehensive representation of GNH, the law, and development-oriented scholarship in Bhutan. Per Section 3 of the JSW Law Academic Freedom and Responsibility Policy members of the JSW Law faculty are kindly requested, if possible, to post relevant articles and works to the Bhutan Law Network.

In addition to JSW Law faculty and affiliates, any individual who has an original work that is relevant or interesting to the JSW Law community may request to submit their work. The editor(s) of the Bhutan Law Network retain the rights to assess each submission for originality and compatibility with the overall theme of the Bhutan Law Network.

What can be submitted to the Bhutan Law Network?

Any original work that the author retains the copyright to. This can be a draft of a paper, a work in progress, an already published work (book, article, chapter), thesis, dissertation, etc. Please contact the Bhutan Law Network editor if you are uncertain of your copyright status on a previously published work.

Contact your targeted publications prior to posting on SSRN if you are concerned whether a specific publication has limitations on whether or not you’ve previously posted a similar paper to an online academic site (SSRN,, etc.).

How do I submit my paper to the Bhutan Law Network?

The submission process is simple. First, contact the Network editor (within the RC at JSW Law) for submission details. The editor will then proceed with the necessary steps for submission and the posting of your paper to the SSRN site.

Does posting a draft article on SSRN prohibit authors from publishing elsewhere?

No. Posting a draft article or paper on SSRN (in addition to personal or SSRN sites) is common practice amongst academics around the globe. In fact, SSRN is often a forum where authors identify avenues of publication due to interest generated in their posted works.

Bhutan Law Network (SSRN)